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Evaluation of your startup idea - Level 1

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Understanding and classifying an idea based on the historic background that drove innovation over the years will help founders strategically plan and adopt business models from the following broader segments of innovation ecosystems.

Broader segmentation of your startup idea

1. The American way – Most of the American startup ideas revolve around “solving a problem” by disrupting old technologies. Eg: Apple IOS platform (apps like iTunes, etc.) replaced many Sony hardware products (like walkman).

2. The German way – Other way round, German startups/companies and entrepreneurs demonstrate the ideology of “making things better” by renewing older technologies. They build superior products, set the benchmarks high and drive the market to achieve productivity gains rather than just adopting superior technology for the sake of adopting it.

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About the author

The hard part of starting up turns out to be the most passionate one for him. Yes, its the "Execution"

He is a well qualified Entrepreneur and holds an MS in Entrepreneurship from Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. He has multi-level business consulting and co-founding experience within global tech & deep-tech start-up ecosystems. He'd be a good match for founders who are looking forward to engage with an all-rounder who has more wisdom about starting up.

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