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Top 10 benefits of DPIIT registration for Indian Startups

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

  1. Access to Government Schemes & Benefits: A registered startup is eligible to access government schemes and benefits that are available under the Startup India Action Plan. These include tax incentives, funding opportunities, legal and regulatory benefits, and access to incubators and accelerators.

  2. Recognition: Registering with the DPIIT gives your startup international recognition and visibility. This recognition can help the startup to attract customers, investors, and partners.

  3. Access to Networking Platforms: The DPIIT registration provides startups with access to networking platforms like the ‘Startup India Hub’, which helps startups to connect with other startups, mentors, and experts in the industry.

  4. Investment Opportunities: A registered startup can apply for and receive investment from recognized incubators and venture funds.

  5. Access to International Markets: A registered startup can also benefit from the DPIIT’s international partnerships, which can help to open up markets in foreign countries.

  6. Government Incentives: Startups that are registered with the DPIIT can avail of government incentives such as income tax exemptions and subsidies.

  7. Patent Protection: A registered startup can also use the Patent Facilitation Centers to get legal protection for their intellectual property.

  8. Startup Resources: Startups can avail a plethora of subsidies, freebies and startup credits from corporates to help accelerate their startup journey.

  9. Regulatory Relief: A registered startup can take advantage of the government’s regulatory relief measures, which provide a relaxed and simplified procedure for setting up and operating their business.

  10. Access to Mentorship and Training: A registered startup can also access mentorship and training programs from the DPIIT, which can help them to hone their skills and gain valuable insights.

For more information on DPIIT registration and how to avail the benefits, just drop a message

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